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Oberfelder Holdings, organically produced cannabis

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Cannabis farm

Security Measures:

20 Security cameras
Motion detectors
Bear spray defense launching devices around the perimeter
Security guards on site 24/7
Remote surveillance capability
Key pad entry
Sheriff deputy within 1 mile of the garden
Neighborhood watch support system 

Please arrive only with the best of intentions.

I502 Licensed Cannabis Farm

Oberfelder Holdings is a family farm located in Chelan, Washington.

Oberfelder FamilyJeff and Shelley Oberfelder started the farm and received a license to grow cannabis mid July of 2014. Jeff Oberfelder has extensive experience in the consumer goods channel; Jeff spearheaded Bare Fruit LLC., an organic apple chip company based in Omak in 2003. As founder, he built national distribution until finally selling in 2010.

Oberfelder FarmSituated in an incredible geologic mountainscape unique to the upper Columbian plateaus; our lifestyle is supported with a bounty of great water from lake Chelan and the Columbia River, keeping crops green in central Washington's desert oasis. The area averages 196 cloudless days a year; nearby you'll find many organic orchards and other farms. Oberfelder's cannabis farm is surrounded by pasture, open space and trails for hiking, walking dogs, horseback riding and mountain biking.

Cannabis Harvest CrewJeff Oberfelder is an entrepreneur of the natural food industry as well as a  realtor. We carefully sold the lots in the area and consulted with the buyers in assisting them in their home building needs. It is all about the people and private agriculture community. We want to work as a cooperative together to expand as the demand grows. We hope to employ and profit share with several of the neighbors in the years to come to create a sustainable farming community.

Jeff's Resume

We represent brands at legal 502 retail locations. We help support our processors and retail stores by providing sales support and brand management consulting at the retail level.

Oberfelder Farm July 2015

Mailing Address:
120 Rolling Rock Road
Chelan. WA 98816

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