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Cannabis farm

August harvest


Wholesale Cannabis Varieties

Below are available products and strains. Harvest usually starts in July and goes through October.
All of our strains are tested for potency and pathogens before they are released for sale. Get in touch for more info and our upcoming crops. All of our product will be less than 4.1% stem. Contact us for test results on any strain. We post test results as we get them.

2019 Strains

Here's what we've got! (last updated 11/22/19):

Strain Name Type  
Ghost Train Haze Sativa Click for full size photo
Dairy Queen (UK Cheese) Hybrid Click for full size photoPesticide Free!
Check out Test Results
Midnight Express Sativa Dominant Hybrid + CBD Click for full size photo

Pesticide Free!
Check out Test Results

Sour D Sativa Click for full size photo
Skunk #1 Hybrid Click for full size photo
Divina Obscura Hybrid + CBD  


  • Rosin oil
    • Dairy Queen Rosin 75% Total
  • Hash & Kief
    • Ghost Train Kief
    • Harlequin Hash 30%
    • ICE Hash 34.76%
    • **NEW** Space Pebbles

Pre-rolled Pre rolls

  • ( popcorn flower: fresh, excellent flavor) {1 gram }
    ( 3 count & 10 count)
  • Dairy Queen 25%
  • Ghost Train 28%
  • Midnight Express 21%
  • Sour Diesel 15.85-17.66%
  • Skunk #1 22.69%
  • Davina Obscura Hybrid S . 4.47%THC & 8.05%CBD 15.75 total


We also have trim for sale! Photos: 1 2 3 4

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2019's first bowl
First Bowl of 2019

Sativa, Indica and hybrids Basics

2015 crop, May

*Grower (Oberfelder family) represents that marijuana sold are completely free of unauthorized additives, pesticides, fertilizers, as defined and limited by WAC 314-55-2225, WAC 16-228 et seq. (General Pesticide Rules) RCW 15.58, RCW17.21 published by WSDA.

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