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August harvest

August crop

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Wholesale Cannabis Varieties

Below are the strains we're currently growing, most of the harvest will probably be in July. All of them are tested for potency and pathogens before they are released for sale. Get in touch for more info and our upcoming crops. All of our product will be less than 4.1% stem. Contact us for test results on any strain. We'll post test results as we get them.

2018 Strains

Here's what we've got coming! (last updated 8/22/18):

Strain Name Type
Banana Hybrid
Berry #1 Hybrid
Black 84 Indica
Bruce Banner Hybrid
Candy Cookies Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Cherry Pie Hybrid
Dark Horse Indica Dominant Hybrid
Dog Walker Hybrid
Frankenstein Indica

Gorilla Glue #4

ICE Hybrid
Jack Herer Sativa
Kandy Kush Hybrid
Laffy Taffy Hybrid
Mr. Nice Indica
Nine Pound Hammer Indica
Permafrost Hybrid
Puna Budder Hybrid
Purple Mexican Thai Hybrid
Qrazy Train Hybrid
Sour Diesel Sativa Dominant Hybrid
White Widow Hybrid

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We also have trim for sale! $300- $500 per pound! Photos: 1 2 3 4

Sativa, Indica and hybrids Basics

2015 crop, May

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